Our Partners

Alliance is a publicly owned international pharmaceutical company listed on AIM, part of the London Stock Exchange. It started trading in 1998 and has grown strongly to an annual turnover approaching £100 million.
At the heart of Alliance’s business sits a diverse team of dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced professionals who are committed to providing much needed medicines around the world.

Alliance’s expertise lies in the acquisition and licensing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and delivering these to patients. In doing so, Alliance looks carefully for certain criteria in these products and select for a blend of underlying sales stability and growth potential.

Capital intensive activities such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics are outsourced to class leading specialists in these fields. Alliance distributes its products through wholesalers, retail pharmacies, hospitals and a well-respected international network of distributors.

Alliance’s modern offices are located in the market town of Chippenham, Wiltshire, 70 minutes from central London by direct train. It also has offices in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Shanghai and Singapore.

Synmosa is a specialty pharmaceutical corporation that engages in diversified development that includes acting as an agent, manufacturing, OEM, and R&D. It has adhered to its corporate motto “Honesty, Credibility, Reliability, and Innovation” in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals ever since its establishment in 1980.

The Synmosa Group, guided by its corporate strategy of sustainable development:“self-growth, continuous mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances”, has established factories in Hsinchu Hukou, Taichung, and New Taipei City through vertical expansion and horizontal integration. Synmosa optimizes its operations in response to international specifications, and is one of the few pharmaceutical groups in Taiwan that are moving towards “automation, maximization, and specialization.” It uses its advantage in niche technology platforms: MDI, sex hormones, nasal sprays, effervescent tablets, and granules for its positioning. Synmosa excels in cardiovascular, respiratory, sex hormones, urology, and oncology oriented therapeutic products. Synmosa has special technical platforms that are internationally competitive and has allowed it to lock on to niche market products. Brand drugs and new drugs are now a focal point for the company. The key to its continuous and stable growth is a focus on high threshold special technology and characteristic pharmaceuticals and it provides its customers with the very best pharmaceuticals.

Synmosa’s business has expanded into the international market and its global network includes substantial investment in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China where it has created its own excellent marketing teams and strategic partners. Synmosa also has long-term partners in Finland, France, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and several other Southeast Asian countries. Its most recent establishment is an office in Vietnam opened specifically to speed up market development in the region. Synmosa have set its eyes on Asia from its strong position in Taiwan and it is using systematic process management, firm ideas, and future insight for new pharmaceutical development, drug production processes, marketing, warehousing and logistics. Synmosa insists on using the highest standard of pharmaceutical manufacturing technology to improve the quality of people’s lives. Synmosa is doing its part by giving back to society and actively participating in social welfare. It remains committed to its core values of “honesty, credibility, reliability, and innovation” to maximize the value it creates for society and its shareholders as it moves towards its vision of becoming the foremost specialty biopharmaceutical corporation in Asia.

Montrose, California based GIoves In A Bottle®, Inc. formulated and markets a revolutionary new form of skin lotion also called Gloves In A Bottle®. The efficacy of this shielding lotion and the strength of the company’s management commitment and product support have resulted in it becoming one of the fastest growing internationally distributed product companies based in the United States.

Aurena is the leading expert in bag-on-valve and medical device packaging technology. With over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, Aurena prides itself on being collaborative, innovative, humble and caring, developing creative solutions for its clients.

Starting with product development, right through to packaging and certification, Aurena is the number one choice for medical device packaging.