Aloclair™ Plus

Effective and fast pain relief from mouth ulcers.

  • Forms protective layer over ulcer
  • Fast pain relief
  • Does not sting
  • Lasts for hours
  • No alcohol
  • Long nozzle tip for easy use (gel)
  • Recommended for difficult to reach ulcers (spray)
  • Recommended for multiple, diffuse mouth
    ulcers, regular sufferers and
    orthodontic patients (oral rinse)
  • Safe and ideal for children & infants

ALOCLAIR TM Plus is easy to use and offers fast pain relief from mouth ulcers. When you apply ALOCLAIR TM Plus over the ulcers, it forms a protective coating over them, helping to
reduce irritation and soreness so you can forget about them until they’re gone. It’s easy to apply, does not sting and the effect lasts for several hours.

ALOCLAIR TM Plus is a Class A medical device.

  • Instructions for use

    For Gel:

    Apply 1 or 2 drops of gel so as to cover the wholte mouth ulcer or lesion. Avoid direct contact of the applicator with the lesion. Do not touch the lesion with the tongue
    for at least 2 minutes so as to allow for the pretective film to form. Close the cap after each application.

    For Spray:

    When using the product for the first time take the top off and apply vaporizer. Direct the vaporizer towards the lesions inside the mouth and spray three times or as needed
    to cover the affected area. The vaporizer allows the product to cover the oral lesions with maximum efficiency.

    For Oral Rinse:

    Fill the measuring cap provided to the 10ml indicator mark. Rinse around the mouth for at least one minute before expectorating.

  • What is mouth ulcer?

    A mouth ulcer is a small lesion in the mouth, usually less than half a centimeter in size with a raised, reddish area and white centre. Ulcers are normally only minor but there may be severe ulceration where several occur throughout the mouth.

  • Why do you get mouth ulcers?

    The causes is not clear but ulcers often start when some skin is removed from inside the mouth, perhaps through bitting or a sharp edged crisp or ill-fitting dentures. Sensitive nerve endings are irritated by eating, drinking and speaking. Some
    people seem to get ulcers at time of stress.

  • Who get mouth ulcers?

    They tend to first appear between the ages of 10 and 20 and are more common in women. However, around a quater of the population may suffer at some time in their lives and all ages are affected.


    • Avoid spicy foods, acidic fruit juices, fizzy or alcoholic drinks
    • Drink through a straw
    • Avoid sharp foods such as crisps
    • Try to avoid stress if possible