Divigel® is a smooth and opalescent gel containing estradiol hemihydrate, indicated for treatment of menopausal symptoms.

It contains estradiol hemihydrate corresponding to 1.0 mg estradiol/dose in single dose units containing 1.0 g gel. It is indicated for treatment of climacteric syndrome associated with natural or artificial menopause (estrogenic deficiency, e.g. hot flushes, night sweatings, urogenital atrophy and prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis). The clinical efficacy of Divigel® in the treatment of menopausal symptoms is comparable to that of peroral estrogen.

The Divigel® dose is applied once daily, on the skin of the lower trunk or the right or left thighs, on alternate days. The application surface should be 1-2 times the size of the hand. Divigel® should not be applied on the breast, on the face or irritated skin. After application the gel should be allowed to dry for a few minutes and the application site should not be washed within one hour.